Buffalo Bill Amos Rides Again! Issue #3


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28 Pages (Incl. Cover) , Comic Book

Classic format, 178 × 266 mm.

Covers on 130 gsm silk, contents on 80 gsm un-coated paper.

by Steve Bee


As Buffalo Bill Amos flees from Lowshoe Lake, heading for Clack Town to seek the help of the Frinto Kid in his quest to clear his name, he is unaware of sinister developments back in Collier Rio.

With his friends turning against him and a formidable posse of bounty hunters on his trail Bill makes a fateful decision.

“A tale of plot twist on plot twist. A masterpiece of storytelling!” – The Chelmer Chronicle

“The Adventures of Buffalo Bill Amos! That’s the movie I want to make one day! – Tom Max

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