Creeping Me Out – Delusions 1


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40 Pages (Incl. Cover) , Comic Book

Classic format, 178 × 266 mm.

Covers on 130 gsm silk, contents on 80 gsm un-coated paper.

by MFDawes


Francis’ school life took a turn for the weird once Annabel turned up. Things (of the uncanny and mundane kind) are really weighing on his mind – maybe the campus counsellor can help?

Collecting and fleshing out the first 50 pages of Creeping Me Out, a webcomic that started back in 2004 that follows a group of teens down a spiral of supernatural and relationship challenges. Tightened dialogue, enhanced art, a new framing story and new panels and pages to tie things together. Meet the core cast and see the seeds of friction yet to come!

Parts 2 and 3 to follow..

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