Pirate Peg’s Rangerette Handbook- Volume 1


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117 Pages, Hardback

Contemporary format, 6.6 × 10.2 in.

Hardcover, contents on 130 gsm silk.

by snowshadow


Volume 1 (of 4) reprinting the 1990’s comic series Strange Attractors. This volume reprints Strange Attractors #1-4. Sophie, the introverted curator of the Museum of Lost Things, finds a mysterious amulet, and her life is suddenly changed forever. First she is caught up in a romance with the mysterious stranger, Meson, who later abandons her when he falls under the influence of the magical amulet. Her life spins even more out of control when Sophie discovers Meson plans to marry her childhood friend, Widow, heiress to the largest fortune in the solar system.

But when Meson assassinates Widow’s father, Sophie sets out on a desperate attempt to help Widow. She is joined by her faithful robot, Roshi, and the legendary adventurer, Pirate Peg. They soon discover that there is more to the strange happenings than just murder, as they are all swept up in a timeless struggle between the forces of science and sorcery.

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