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24 Pages (Incl. Cover) , Comic Book

Classic format, 178 × 266 mm.

Covers on 130 gsm silk, contents on 80 gsm un-coated paper.

by bandino3


Waiting anxiously in the wings is Katy, as she prepares for her first stand up performance at an Old Theatre called The Punchline. Peeking through the curtains to see the audience arriving, she suddenly notices a devious looking clown sitting in the crowd – Tortura! His eyes fixated on Kate, with a sinister grin stretched across his face. She turns to see if anyone else has spotted him, but when she glances back, he was suddenly gone.

Unsure if it was a trick of the light or just nerves before her performance, she tries to get the image out of her mind, but just before she goes on stage the clown reappears. Despite her initial reservations Kate decides to go on stage, initially able to ignore the clown she begins her routine. It all seems to be going well until the clown’s stare catches her eye, Kate becomes transfixed and Tortura suddenly starts to move…

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