Print-on-demand Comic-Book platform, Artithmeric, announces new Free-to- Use service

The print-on-demand comic-book and merchandise platform,, has announced today that its services are now free to use for comic-book creators.

The new Freemium user category will be in addition to its existing premium service which will still remain available through monthly subscription.

Freemium users of the platform will be able to upload, format and publish unlimited numbers of comic-books and merchandise through their own online studio and offer them for sale online with worldwide packaging and shipping through their own Artithmeric store.

Each Artithmeric online store has its own URL that can be shared through social media or linked to a creator’s website. There is no monthly fee for running an Artithmeric store, nor is there any listing charge for the comic-books or merchandise items that creators offer for sale. A creator’s online store will be able to take payments via Paypal or credit or debit cards and in any currency and will ship items worldwide.

Andrew Copeland, co-founder of Artithmeric, said: “Our new Freemium proposition means creators can get their comic-books and merchandise to market worldwide both quickly and easily and with no upfront financial costs whatsoever.

We believe this new and unique service will offer creators a serious alternative to crowd-funding or self-funding and will result in many more independent comic-books being printed and purchased.

Artithmeric was built following a substantial investment from us in 2018 and it is our intention for it to become a catalyst for serious growth in the market for printed independent comics and bring many more talented creators to the notice of comic-book fans around the world.

We are advocates of printed comic-books rather than online comics and believe the best way to support talented creators is through buying their comics and related merchandise.

Our business is predicated on just that; we fully intend to flood the world with the 9th Art.”