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If your image is larger than 3900 px in either dimension we will scale it to fit into a 3900 px square which will be printed at 300 dpi providing a 13 inch wide square, about 2,3 inches below the bottom edge of the collar. If either of your sides is smaller than 3900 px the image will be centered. If you choose to have the Artithmeric branding that will always be placed on the outer edge of the 3900 px square.

Dah’veed by George Reeder III


JPG or PNG only.

If the artwork's longest edge is shorter than 3900 px, should we enlarge it to fit into the available area, while maintaining aspect-ratio?
Selecting yes may lead to pixelation.


£ + base price of £  12.50 = £  12.50
$ + base price of $  16.25 = $  16.25

I hereby confirm that the submitted content is my own work and that I own and retain the copyright to the submitted work. I give Artithmeric permission to publish, reproduce and market this on my behalf as per the Artithmeric Standard Terms and Conditions and hereby indemnify Artithmeric of any claims that may arise as a result.

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