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Comic Book Details

When it comes to comic books, it’s essential to provide readers with a clear and compelling description of your product. This means going beyond simply listing the titles of the comics you offer and instead providing readers with a detailed overview of what they can expect from each one.

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Create the book by either:

  • Uploading image files to pages (we will create the print-ready files).
  • Upload a single print-ready PDF file along with 7 page preview images to display in your shop.

If you choose to upload a PDF we recommend that you upload pages 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and the back cover as page previews - imagine you open your comic on the first spread then flick through the first few right-hand pages before looking at the back-cover - that’s the idea.

We will scale your image to fit the format when you submit this page, you can always replace the image by clicking edit and replacing the image file if you are not satisfied with the result.

If the printed artwork runs up to the edge of the cover or any pages it is good practice to include an extra 3 mm around all the edges with the artwork extending beyond the final trim-area so that minor variations and movement caused by the organic nature of printing on paper doesn't create unexpected unprinted areas right on the edge. This setting will be applied to the cover as well as all the individual pages uploaded to the book.

If you are uploading a print-ready PDF this setting only applies to the preview images.

Pixel Sizes

See the recommended pixel-size (at 300 dpi) below.

Width Height Width + Bleed Height + Bleed
smaller than
210 x 297 mm
< 2480  px < 3508  px < 2551  px < 3579  px
178 x 266 mm
2102  px 3142  px 2173  px 3213  px
139 x 197 mm
1642  px 2327  px 1713  px 2398  px
168 x 260 mm
1984  px 3071  px 2055  px 3142  px
200 x 200 mm
2362  px 2362  px 2433  px 2433  px
Dah’veed by George Reeder III

Cover Image

A striking cover image is important when selling a comic book because it grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to pick up the book and learn more about the story inside.

JPG or PNG only.

Our Artithmeric logo will be place on your comic book cover to indicated that your comic book is printed by us.

Require more pages, want to order in bulk for a convention or want to do something with different specifications?

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When it comes to setting a price for a new comic book, there are several key factors that must take into consideration. One of the most important factors is the production costs. This includes expenses such as printing, artwork, writing, editing, and marketing, among others.

£ + base price of £  2.99 = £  2.99
$ + base price of $  3.99 = $  3.99

I hereby confirm that the submitted content is my own work and that I own and retain the copyright to the submitted work. I give Artithmeric permission to publish, reproduce and market this on my behalf as per the Artithmeric Standard Terms and Conditions and hereby indemnify Artithmeric of any claims that may arise as a result.

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