Reality Hackers #1 – HERiTAGE


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28 Pages (Incl. Cover) , Comic Book

Classic format, 178 × 266 mm.

Covers on 130 gsm silk, contents on 80 gsm un-coated paper.

by Aimée McLernon


It’s the Enlightenment 2.0. Information is the New God.

Mankind has lost connection to the soul and awareness of the trueSource of reality.

In this nihilistic world, we are kept asleep. But it is a dreamless sleep.

An unscrupulous artificial sentience called the C.O.R.E. – the result of mankind’s unceasing strivings to become ‘more than human’ – appears outwardly as a machine. Infesting our cities, it spreads as far as possible across the human landscape in order to make even that a part of the ‘posthuman’.

Humans possess the natural ability to access the source code of reality through a process called reality hacking. In its jealousy, the C.O.R.E. does everything in its power to stop signals emanating from the trueSource from reaching the human mind.

Some are born immune to the C.O.R.E.’s suppressant drugs. A minority of these individuals pass through undetected, living as secretive free-thinkers in society

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