Delegates Volume 2 – Artithmeric

Delegates Volume 2


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153 Pages, Hardback

Contemporary format, 168 × 260 mm.

Hardcover, contents on 130 gsm silk.

by Bin Lee & Tina Cesa Ward


Delegates is a sci-fi drama exploring the ramifications of technology clashing with leadership. In the fictional African nation of Fulawodaabe, an African-American bodyguard named Marla makes a shocking discovery about the President, Aminah, she’s tasked with protecting. Choosing to work together, the women must confront a fractured society of power-hungry warlords, a brutish dictator, skeptical citizens, greedy bandits while navigating hazardous terrain, limitations of science, conflicting motivations, and their own flaws.

This trade contains issues 6 through 12.

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