Hangwire: Devil in His Eyes – Artithmeric

Hangwire: Devil in His Eyes


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16 Pages (Incl. Cover) , Comic Book

Classic format, 178 × 266 mm.

Covers on 130 gsm silk, contents on 80 gsm un-coated paper.

by Douglas Freeman


A sci-fi action adventure set in the year 2190s.

Earth Union is at war with Martian Colonials who went sovereign to own their own world. The fight are for resources throughout the inner solar system.

Lt. Stryker was part of a “Stryker Unit” made up of enhanced body parts and nano technology but was decommissioned and he became a mercenary. He was betrayed by the corporation who hired him and was sent to an asteroid mining prison.

His plan is to escape and get revenge.

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