Artithmeric 9 Issue #2

47 quality we produce in London. Inevitably that means they will be using the same kit as we do. In a nutshell, we are fans of Canon. It turns out Canon are fans of ours and like what we do too. They were blown away when they saw some of the first comics we produced on the Artithmeric platform. So much so that they asked us if they could use the work of some of our creators to show their customers just what is being done with the printers they build and sell. We have arranged with Canon enabling three of our creators who have a whole series of books on the Artithmeric platform already to have copies of their work distributed to Canon clients. In November this year issue #1 of Sean Hall’s Dirk Brodey comic, issue #1 of Phil Lee’s Baguette Robot comic and issue #1 of David, Paul and Trevor Hankin’s Powers Squared comic will be distributed to 1,500 Canon clients based in the United States. These books will be co-branded Artithmeric and Canon. Under the terms of the agreement, the creators will get 200 copies each of their books printed directly by Canon that they can retail at Comicon or wherever, but importantly what they will be getting will be 1,500 potential new followers and future purchasers of their books reading the first issues in their series. To us that’s a win, win situation. I would defy anyone to read issue #1 of Sean Hall’s Dirk Brodey series, The Lost Empire of the Moon, and not become completely hooked on the story. It’s simply not possible to read the first issue and leave it at that. Sean’s work is as good as comics get; simple as that. The same is true of the Powers Squared series which is currently standing at seven issues with at least three more already in the works. You will have read elsewhere in this issue about those and what we think of them. Really well-crafted sequential art. And what can we say about Philip Lee? He was our standout choice for the cover of our first issue of Artithmeric 9 and his zany humour and unique comic-book style combined with his prodigious output makes him akin to a force of nature in our opinion. Some of the projects he’s working on for next year sound pretty mind-blowing too, so keep an eye out for where he goes next on his runaway train approach to comic-book production. Exciting stuff. And more exciting stuff coming from us here at Artithmeric - we hope. We have quite a few other projects on the go too and we’ll tell you all about them as we nail them down. 2020 is already looking like it is going to be a big year for Artithmeric, a year when we will really begin to make a mark in the world of independent comics and help our creators make serious money from their work.