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Artithmeric – sharing your creative genius with the world in more ways than you can imagine

We have been keeping an eye on you… Your comics are pretty awesome and we would love to help you share your artistic genius with the world using our online platform that acts as both your studio and your store.

We created Artithmeric to upload, print and sell and your comic books and merchandise – all in one convenient place, but without any upfront capital requirement. (We do that by printing both comics and merchandise on demand as they are purchased by your customers.)

We are offering you the chance to have your own studio and shop on your own dedicated part of our servers. The studio has inbuilt tools to enable you to upload single or multiple comic pages and assemble them – the way you envisioned it. Due to the online nature of your studio, and store, you can add, delete or update products as and when you deem necessary.

Once you have uploaded a product, you are able to choose the selling price based on your mark up. This amount will be charged to collectors and the difference between the cost and selling price will be paid to you at the beginning of every month. You will also have the opportunity to buy your own products at cost price – perfect for distributing at Comicon.

So, how does the process work? It’s simple. You publish your work on the site and we handle the rest – this includes the printing and shipping of the product using our selected network of partners.

To put it into simple terms, we’re leaving creators to do what they do best, create great comics, and we cover off the rest. We are quite excited about the possibilities for this platform and hope that you join us on this whirlwind adventure.

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